Hotel Grand Gayathri
We provide the most luxurious services

Hotel Grand Gayathri exposes the curious and creative-minded traveller to the most unexpected and engaging experiences a destination has to offer. A modern interpretation of the traditional hotel lobby, Grand Gayathri Hub offers an array of opportunities for guests to gather, connect, inspire and be inspired. Our restaurant offers impeccable service with a culinary spectrum. Local flavours with a creative twist elevate the classic morning meal. Embark on a culinary journey with handcrafted creations inspired by local cuisine.

This draws on the time-honored traditions central to the Indian homecoming, from the refreshing simplicity of the welcome drink to the careful choreography of the dinner service. Embark on a journey of sensory discovery with a collection of soothing, effective products designed to transport and restore. Grand Gayathri offers guests the refined luxury of heritage combined with effortlessly efficient service and local expertise to create a moment to remember.Rooted in the golden age of travel, Grand Gayathri remains a gathering place for people to delight in the discovery of destinations.

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